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TRECA collection by Chantal Thomass

TRECA, no need to remind it, is an upscale french mattress and headboards manufacturer. Chantal Thomass, no need to specify this, is a worldwide famous french fashion designer.

In 2014, Chantal Thomass and TRECA have developped together a limited series collection.

This collection was directly made from Chantal Thomass creations for the famous Vice-Versa hotel, which rooms take inspiration form the "seven capital sins".

Chantal Thomass pour TRECA

Tissus d'Avesnières was glad to be contacted then selected by TRECA for supplying printed fabrics that are used with headboards and bed bases.

Among the themes declined for TRECA : Frivolité (Frivolity) and Poème (Poem)...

Developping these printed fabrics, Tissus d'Avesnières has raised his know-how and bring solutions that fits to TRECA's requirements.
Raw materials come from french weavers, located in les Vosges. Then tey are prepared before printing (bleached, washed, dried, etc.)

Dyeing give the fabric its plain colour. Various shades of pink were proposed then agreed by the design team.

Inkjet printing give the pattern to the fabric : perfectly imitating the famous Chantal Thomass lingerie's dentelle or also some poetic verses.

Finally, a specifgic finishing is done to get the accurate technical requirements : strength, etc.

Developments done on this project, and now industrial productions allowed Tissus d'Avesnières to involve various parts of his manufacturing techniques and bring the accurate solution to the initial demand.