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Our preparation and finishing workshop is equipped to handle a range of different types of finishings: technical as well as sensorial, mechanical or chemical.
Dimensional stabilisation
We use resins to give fabrics a better dimensional stability against time and washing.

A simple saturation, impregnation before drying the fabric is used to soften it.

In addition to dyeing or printing of Trevira CS which is intrinsically fireproofed (M1 rule), we propose fireproofing other fibers like cottons and linens.

Drying tenter with scarf being readied for the application of different finishes.

Stain protection
A chemical finishing is often demanded to give protection against stains. This can be done with or without TEFLON homologation.

Rame de séchage avec Foulard en entrée
pour l'application de différents apprêts.

Optical blueing
This finishing is like dyeing and gives white fabrics a fluorescent look. Typically, this effect is spectacular with nightclub "fluo" spotlights.

Ultra-soft touch
A mechanical process (tumbler) used on the fabric brings a spectacular softening effect. A heavy and straight linen becomes completely soft, fluid, almost "liquid"...

Pressing the fabric between two cylinders flatten it and produce a glazed effect.

We can study and industrialize your fabric microencapsulation projects. There is a mix of interesting uses: anti-smell, insects repellent, essential oils...