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When classifying our archives, we made this nice and touching discovery in a dusty portfolio : original plans of the Mill built in 1876 and that we are still pleased to use today.

Quick trip in the past...

Plans des ateliersPlans des ateliers

Plans des ateliers
General plan of the ground and buildings.
On the left : weaving room, each small rectangle was a loom. Today this part is used for preparation and finishing of the fabrics.
On the top/right : house and garden of the boss, now this area is occupied by the printing machines and tables...

Plans des ateliersPlans des ateliersPlans des ateliers
Some details of the frontage on Paul Boudet street, one picture of the courtyard in 1956, took by Henri Feinte.

Plans des ateliers Plans des ateliers
Technical drawings of machines installed at this time in the Mill. Nice quality of the drawings, this could be inspiring for printed fabrics...