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Every dyeing project begins with the study of your own colors in our laboratory:

  • Our dyers make small 20 gram samples ("biberons").
  • You choose the colors you want for your collection.
  • We start the industrial production.

  • Dyeing is processed internally on our 6 Jiggers.

    Various categories of colorants are used (VAT Dyes, Pigments, Disperse colorants, Direct colorants or reactive dyes).

    Dyeing is also processed before or after printing.


    Labo teinture
    Our dyeing laboratory allows us to elaborate the color formulas for new projects of our customers.
    A quality check is always done for productions in this laboratory so we can ensure that the production matches the samples.

    Nouvelle page
    Over the last 50 years of research, thousands of formulas have been created !
    Our archive are new full of this rich array of irreplaceable experience.

    Nouvelle page
    Piece dyeing of fabrics on Jiggers.
    We dye different kinds of fibers such as cellulosic (cotton, linen) or synthetic ones (polyesters like Trevira CS).