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The Mill

Our printing mill propose all steps of conception and production, starting from the design conception to delivery. Various workshops are involved along these production steps. Discover them more precisely :
  • Visit the mill / Video Visit the mill / Video
    2016-02-10 : A full visit of the mill via this video, discover and understand how printed and dyed fabrics are produced... Preparation, printing, dyeing and various finishings.
  • Inkjet printing / polyester Inkjet printing / polyester
    Inkjet printing on polyester offers new opportunities : hotels, outdoor furnishing, etc.
  • Inkjet printing / cotton, linen Inkjet printing / cotton, linen
    Inkjet printing, or digital printing, is the latest printing technique...
  • Traditional printing Traditional printing
    Traditional textile printing consist of applying colorized patterns on fabrics using various mechanical techniques. Table printing "à la Lyonnaise" is the more upscale of them...
  • Piece dyeing Piece dyeing
    Piece dyeing consist of trnsforming a bleached fabric to a plain colored one. This technique is used for various usages : funrishing, bags lining...
  • Finishings Finishings
    Various finishings for your fabrics : softening, fireproofing, etc.