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Conception and printing process on fabric are unique and permanent

Fabric printers like Tissus d’Avesnières are textile companies specialized in producing high quality fabric for many different uses, mostly home furnishing, upholstery, curtains, sofas. Those companies work with different processes: printing, tinting, finishing of fabrics which are required to produce unique and exclusive creations. Printing on fabric consists in preparing the fabric, selecting the right textile, and printing the designs to create beautiful and aesthetic drawings.

Tissus d’Avesnières, specialized in upholstery, offers a large range of fabrics, mostly for tableware, leatherwork, fashion, and special events. Those fabrics are well-known for their durability, sustainability, strength, and longevity. They are also produced to answer all the clients’ needs, may they be editors, or designers…

How do we prepare, tint, and print our fabrics?

Design studies are an essential part of the production process. Tissus d’Avesnières identifies the most recent trends of the market, and they can work through them to conceive the fabrics. Those design studies can also help the clients to choose the best ground cloth to use for their projects, may it be sustainable, comfortable and aesthetic.

Choosing the right material is also another part of the production process. Upholstery manufacturers have to select the right cloth which will suits the style of the product. That helps to provide a high-end product, and answers the client’s needs. Furthermore, the finished fabrics have to be high-quality products so that can resist frequent use.

Importance of the printing process for sustainable and exclusive products

Printing fabric companies must make sure that the printing process is well done. They must use the right techniques, and the right materials to get the perfect high-end product. This production process has to be realized very carefully so the drawings can be really well-archived, and the colours to be bright and strong. That helps guaranteeing a high-quality product and answering the clients’ needs.

Printing companies on fabrics like Tissus d’Avesnières play an important part of the textile industry. We prepare, tint, print and finish the ground cloths to produce unique and exclusive creations, not only aesthetic, but also sustainable. Our fabrics are produced to answer the different needs of our clients, may they be editors, wholesalers, upholstery manufacturers, designers… Design studies, choice of materials, printing processes are essential parts of the production process so the product can be of high-quality.