Printing à la Lyonnaise

We are one of the last production facilities in France to offer this traditional technique, also called “à la Lyonnaise”. This consists in moving the flat screens one after the other on the fabric which is glued on long heated tables.

This process implies to print “wet on dry”, meaning that when a colour is printed, the previous one is already dryed. This allows the printing of some very complex and detailed designs and images. We can print with this process from 100m.


cm width


Production from 100m and by 100m


printing tables


Automatic screens machine

With flat screens, this technique is like printing “à la Lyonnaise”. However, all the screens print at the same time, and the fabric moves instead of the screen: this implies to apply the colours “wet on wet”.

Our machine BUSER allows the printing of up to 14 screens simultaneously, with a 90 cm repeat and a width up to 180cm.

We also have a rotative head allowing the printing of one colour in large volume.


cm width


Production from 200 meters


Our other savoir-faire

We use all our experience and expertise to be at your service and adapt our know-how to your requirements.

You don’t have any designs? We can provide a selection of unique and exclusive documents either ancient or contemporaries.

We assist you all along from the choice of fabric to the finishing: softener, dimensional stability, fire retardant, anti-stain…

Any question ?

We use all our experience and expertise to be at your service.

The screens belong to our customers who pay for it. We manage the storage, and you remain the owners.

Depending on how complex your design is, the timing can vary from one month up to 6 months to engrave the screens. As an average, one screen costs around 600€ for a classic and easy design and can go up to more than 2000€ for very complicated drawings. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quotation for your project.

We can either use vat dyes, reactive dyes, or pigment dyes.

Other questions?

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