Our document preparation processes

In order to print with flat screens, we have been working with European partners for a long time. They are specialists with home furniture designs, and they proceed with the colour separation as well as the screens engraving.

In order to print with inkjet, our computer graphics team do all required changes to make the document ready for printing: clean-up of old drawings, corrections and adjustments, setting the repeat, colour separations…

Our independent sampling unit assist you in the choice of the right ground-cloth, colours, dyeing and finishing.


Our other savoir-faire

We use all our experience and expertise to be at your service and adapt our know-how to your requirements.

We assist you all along from the choice of fabric to the finishing: softener, dimensional stability, fire retardant, anti-stain…

Any question ?

We use all our experience and expertise to be at your service.

After studying your project and your design, we will guide you towards the most appropriate printing process.

Infographic fees can vary depending on the required work on the design. Each project is unique and different. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized quotation.

You still have some questions?

Our teams are at your service to understand your need and give you the best specific answer.